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Cabinet Pro is the all-in-one tool that’s built for efficiency & productivity — and built just for Executive Assistants.


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Put your time on the right track

  • Supercharge your To Do List with customizable labels, and the ability to group tasks by specific execs. See at a glance which tasks need more attention, and which fires need putting out ASAP.

  • Boost your productivity by logging hours as you check off your list, schedule recurring tasks, and get reminders for urgent to-dos.

  • Monitor your efficiency with powerful Time Tracker analytics that allow you to see (and show executives) exactly how much you’re achieving with your time.

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Take control of your calendar — and theirs.

  • One calendar to rule them all allows you to easily toggle between execs, calendars, and time zones.

  • Copy & paste multiple calendar entries and availabilities into emails & texts, block out (and keep track of) time slots for specific people, and get live updates when proposed meetings are accepted.

  • Keep things running smoothly, with no platform change or additional action necessary from your executive.

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Keep it all together — in one place

  • Securely store and access executives’ vitals, account info, preferences, contacts, and more.

  • Create a one-stop file, filled with important dates, milestones, travel rewards, and favorite hotels, restaurants, and meeting times.

  • Easily share whatever info you choose whenever others need access to pertinent info, and hide it when they don’t.

Office Assistant Software

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LJ Cohen

Executive Assistant at UnCork Capital

“Cabinet's Smart Scheduler has streamlined my calendar Tetris game. I can see and send availability in seconds for multiple partners across time zones. This was obviously designed by EAs who understand scheduling from the ground up.”

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Jenn Broadbent

Director of Administrative Support at Turbocam International

“Cabinet’s analytics allow me to show how I spend my time as well as that of my direct reports. I can visually and succinctly demonstrate time required for projects and various aspects of our roles. This helps to create awareness for our senior leadership team who would otherwise be blind."

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Want to take Cabinet Pro for a spin? Sign up for a trial and cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied.

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Your executive doesn’t need to change a thing, and you’re empowered to build the workflow that works best for you.

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Cabinet is hosted on AWS, providing unparalleled end-to-end security and cutting-edge privacy features.


Can I still access the Cabinet Network in Cabinet Pro?

Absolutely. We love the community we’ve built and want it to thrive, so to that end the Cabinet Network will always be free to assistants as a way to ask questions and share insights with others.

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Is the trial really free?

The trial is really free. If you are not excited by Cabinet in the first 30 days, you can cancel your account and still remain a part of the free Cabinet Network.

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Can I sign up my entire team to Cabinet Pro?

Yes, and in fact, signing up with your organization unlocks even more power from the platform with our secure collaboration features. For a group discount, email us at help@joincabinet.com.

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Does my executive need to sign up for anything?

Nope! Cabinet is here to turn you from Office Hero into Office Superhero without any need to involve your executive. 

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What kind of security do you provide for sensitive information?

Your executive trusts you with sensitive information, so we make sure you can trust us. All of your Cabinet data is stored in a database hosted by Amazon Web Services, locked-down behind a firewall, and encrypted with industry-leading AES-256 encryption. In addition, we don’t store any sensitive data from integrations, such as calendar event contents, and all payments are handled by Stripe so we never store any billing information.

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Do you offer Google and Microsoft integration?

Yes! Our scheduling tool integrates with both Google G-Suite as well as Microsoft Office.

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